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Hilot Wellness "customize healing therapy", Hilot sa Pilay " sprain", at Hilot sa Panuhot " inflammation" for centuries Filipino Healers are known for their healing and chiropractic skills or bone setting. a 3000 years old art of healing pass down thru generations by the Albularyo "tribal medicineman" in the Philippines.

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Natural Cures and Remedies

Milk a natural tranquilizer

milk Do you know that, a warm glass of Milk can put you to a good sleep. Have you ever wondered what is in Milk that makes you sleep like a log? It is Tryptophan and it is also found in eggs, banana, turkey and even steak. It is an amino acid which also acts as a natural tranquilizer and may have anti depressant qualities.

Laughter another ingredient for healing


Most of us are familiar with the section in Readers Digest " Laughter is the Best Medicine ". This has proven to be a great thruth and this dates back to the ancient Greeks who included a visit to the "Home of the Comedians" as part of the "Therapia" process at their healing centers.

Many psychologist today agree that laughter improves not only your mood but your general body health.

Start adding the free ingredient now. and remember, "he who laugh lasts". - Shui Wellness

Raw Veggie , your fuel for 2014


The human body can often be compared to an automobile. if we fill up a car with the right fuel, oil and water, it would run smoothly without trouble for many kilometers. But if we fill it with wrong fuel, or if we fail to check its oil and water, it will run for a while but later on it will stop and breakdown.

Eating the right food by adding raw vegetables in your diet , adequate exercise, sleep and care of the mind and spirit, this will ensure that our body will grow healthy, free of degenerative ailments.

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