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Hilot Wellness "customize healing therapy", Hilot sa Pilay " sprain", at Hilot sa Panuhot " inflammation" for centuries Filipino Healers are known for their healing and chiropractic skills or bone setting. a 3000 years old art of healing pass down thru generations by the Albularyo "tribal medicineman" in the Philippines.

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Another Testimony about Shui Hilot

shuihagod It was my first time there and also my first time to experience ventosa. I got there around 11:30pm and tried their 1hr 30min massage+ventosa package. I initially wanted the 2hr package but they close at 1am. The session started with a warm water foot bath at the lobby/reception area for probably 1-2 mins. Just to clean the feet before wearing the slippers and proceeding to the massage room. Then she started with the ventosa. There were 4 glasses placed on my back, not really sure how they looked like,and she moved it around my back and hips from time to time for probably 30 mins. All I could think about at that time was how good it would feel if done on the face. It would be like having a face lift. hahaha I was also imagining my fat being sucked out. Well,a girl can always dream haha. They say ventosa removes lamig. I honestly dont know if it does the trick coz the only thing I know about lamig is that it forms lumps that the manghihilot kneeds to oblivion to loosen cough and lessen back pain and pangangawit. But it felt good. The skin on my back felt tighter. After 30 mins,she started the hilot.It wasnt my first time to experience hilot since I grew up in the province and I have an aunt that practices it. The hilot at Shui wasnt like my aunts which always left me in tears coz of the pain. Haha. It was kinda like the Balinese massage I once had but with better execution. She started with my feet. It was the first time I didnt imagine kicking the masseuse in the face while doing the foot and leg massage. Harsh but true. My feet and legs are seriously sensitive when it comes to pain and pressure which is why I probably get sooo stressed when they do those parts. But this time I was able to enjoy it. Coz instead of poking my feet, they kneeded it and they started on my legs with really light and repeated strokes which increased gradually instead of immediately going hard(I always asked for light but it used to always feel hard and painful haha). "Shui" is .................... " its worth it ". blogged by Ragdoll's Addiction

Testimony about Ventosa and Dagdagay

shuiventosa After a few minutes of waiting, therapists went inside our room and started with the session. At the beginning, they have placed glasses at our back aka ventusa therapy which was new experience to us. This is an alternative medicine therapy that relaxes your muscles and removes certain toxins from your body. I wanted to take a moment off first and take a snap shot of how it was done, but I was already enjoying the comfort of the spa. Maybe next time. When they were massaging our feet, it seems they were using some piece of bamboo stick and poked us at different points in our feet. The hilot-spa session lasted for about an hour and a half. After several months of physical and emotional ups and downs, It was nice to have this kind of quality time for relaxation. posted by Cholo

Why Shui Hilot ?

doc gThere is no better way to relax than an authentic Shui Hilot therapy session. The even distribution of the body temperature is the concept of Shui Hilot, the Philippines very own traditional healing. Hilot is a form of therapy that has been practiced even by our forefathers. Shui Hilot Healing Techniques are a product of three decades of extensive research from all over the country, with steps passed on from generation to generation. The ideas are synthesized with new ideas by Shui very own naturopathic doctor, Dr. Gerry Sy. NaturopathyCure Clinic by Shui

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